About Us

Capturing a moment is easy, creating one? Now that's tough. What started off as our passion for photography, soon culminated into our profession and we couldn't be happier about it. At Magic Hour, we combine the science and skill of good photography with the emotion of capturing a moment and that's how, every photograph we take is more than just an Image.

Meet the Team

Pirai Varman

Dipesh Vaity

Darshan Shah

Prem Coelho

"We do it differently, but we do it right. That's why, you should choose us"

We respect every rule of photography there is, and more often than not, abide by all. However, sometimes there's a moment which makes us shrug our shoulders, nod our head, and click on capture anyway. We believe that the pictures we take are all that remains of that moment, and we don't mind going the extra mile for it. Our passion for photography grows stronger everytime you appreciate a click we take, and for that appreciation, we work hard.


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